Many questions can only be answered after conducting a quick assessment of the property, but here are some answers to questions that are often raised:

Q. Do you do garden maintenance?

A. We provide a range of maintenance options for your garden including lawn moving, tree and hedge trimming, green waste removal and flower bed maintenance.

Q. How much do you charge for maintenance?

A. Depending on the maintenance work our prices vary. We ensure all our prices are competitive and fair to our clients.

Q. Will there be a lot of mess and disruption?

A. No. We are one of the cleanest companies undertaking this type of work. All excavations / green waste goes straight onto our wagon and away to the tip or recycling yard. We make sure that there are no hazards to the general public or where footpaths and roads can be obstructed.

Q. Will there be a skip outside my house?

A. We do not use skips, therefore no skips left for days or weeks outside your property. All material is removed by our own vehicles.

Q. How do you prepare the ground?

A. All driveways and patios are excavated to industry standard depths. If there is drainage required we will install it as required.

Q. Do you install driveways?

A. Yes. We provide a range of driveway options including block paving, gravel and concrete options for driveways. You should call us for a free quote.

Q. Are your driveways and patios guaranteed?

A. Our driveway and patio installations are guaranteed for 5 years.

Q: How long before I can walk or drive my car over the drive?

A: Virtually straight away after completion.

Q. Will my neighbours be affected?

A. Inconvenience is kept to a minimum as a result of our polite workforce and our clean and responsible working practices.